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Thursday, February 23, 1995 - 19:30

Xieyi Style Chinese Painting

Mr. Xue Shiqi,

Beijing Research Centre for Traditional Chinese Painting

Mr. Xue Shiqi is one of the outstanding artists of Beijing's Research Centre for Traditional Chinese Painting. Originally from Zhejiang province, Mr. Xue graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1961 and is now a senior Professor and artist at the Beijing Institute of Arts and Crafts. In 1966, he married the granddaughter of Qi Baishi, renowned for his development of a style of painting exhibiting both simplicity and vigour. Through twenty years of nurturing in that artistic family, he has inherited and developed the Qi school of painting. He excels in the Xieyi style, which is characterized by an exaggeration of form and the liberal use of ink. Mr. Xue will describe and demonstrate this style of painting.