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Wednesday, April 25, 1990 - 19:30

The Yangtze Gorges: Some Historical & Personal Perspectives

Ambassador van den Berg

British Embassy, Amenities Hall

The stretch of the Yangtze River between Chongqing and Yichang is one of the most fascinating geographical features of China. Running through massive mountain formations, creating rapids and dangerous shoals, the Yangtze Gorges are in fact a portal between China's most populous province, Sichuan, and the rest of Eastern China. As such, it has played and continues to play an important role in China's economic and political history. Ambassador Van den Berg, who as a boy made his maiden voyage through the Gorges in 1940, will illustrate some of their historical, geographical, and scenic facets whit slides and films taken by travelers of the Yangtze Gorges since the beginning of this century up to modern times.