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Thursday, June 17, 1993 - 19:30

Yi Jing (Book of Changes)

Li Yan, Central Academy of Art and Design

Australian Embassy

The Classical Taoist Yi Jing or Book of Changes has drawn the attention of scientists all over the world. In many countries, decision makers – political, economic and financial alike – use it to calculate the optimum chances for attaining a certain goal. During the historical development of the Chinese people it played a tremendous role influencing the formation of the Chinese civilization, traditions, ideology and theory of statecraft. For the emperors of each dynasty the presence of a person versed in Yi Jing, capable of forecasting events and their influence upon the future of the country and the emperor's life – was a must. We have invited Professor Li Yan of the Central Academy of Arts and Design, member of the Association of the Researcher of Yi Jing, to give us a lecture about the Book of Changes. He will talk about the history of this classical book of China, how it influences the formation of Chinese civilization and will explain how it is possible to forecast future events with its help.